Wholefoods are nature’s produce eaten as close as possible to their natural state, with little or no refinement or processing. Choosing wholefoods is a simple way to ensure that what you eat is dense in micronutrients and free of unhealthy additives.

Maple + Clove uses healthy fats—from nuts, seeds, avocados and extra virgin olive oils—and natural low GI sweeteners to help ‘even-out’ blood sugar levels.

Our food is naturally loaded with immune boosters from antioxidant-rich ingredients. Free from artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and sweeteners, Maple +Clove offers healthy, nutritious options, large and small, sweet and savoury.

Serving breakfast and lunch.

•   Park views
•   Outdoor seating (bike parking)
•   Child friendly with park area
•   Credit and debit cards accepted
•   Licensed
•   Dine-in or takeaway
•   Open 7 days a week
•   Open early for coffee and breakfast
•   Weekend all-day breakfast
•   Close to Manuka and Kingston

nourishing • handmade • wholefood